The workshop will take place at the Harveys Emerald Bay B and is divided into two sessions.

December 9th, 2013

AMMorning Session
7:007:30Poster Setup
7:308:15Chris ReThe Thorn in the Side of Big Data: Too Few Artists
8:159:00RaghuScale-out Beyond Map-Reduce
9:009:30Poster Session (posters) + Coffee Break
9:309:50Alex SmolaParameter Server for Distributed Machine Learning
9:5010:10Yingyu LiangDistributed PCA and k-Means Clustering
10:1010:30Yarin GalPitfalls in the use of Parallel Inference for the Dirichlet Process
  Poster Session (posters) + Lunch + Skiing
1:303:00John LangfordTutorial on Vowpal Wabbit
PMAfternoon Session
3:304:15Derek MurrayTimely dataflow in Naiad
4:155:00Michael JordanOn the Computational and Statistical Interface and Big Data
5:005:45Poster Session (posters) + Coffee Break
5:456:30Joe HellersteinBig Empathy: Growing Up (Canceled)

Note: This schedule is subject to minor changes.